On December 3rd, 2011 the following amended Polish regulatory provisions will become effective:

I. Advertisements:

Providers of premium rate services shall communicate along with the number of the service the price for a chargeable unit of the service or the price for a connection, indicating its gross price and the name of the entity providing the additional benefit (telequest will inform their customers which entity/name should be mentioned in each single case).

When publishing any information about the premium rate service the price has to be communicated along with the number.


  • The background must not make it difficult or impossible to read the pricing information.
  • The font size of the pricing information must not be smaller than 60% of the telephone number´s font size.
  • The pricing information must be presented as long as the telephone number is presented.


II. Subscription Services:

Information about the rules of use of the service has to be provided in a clear and comprehensive manner.

Subscribers have to be enabled to terminate the service at any time in a simple manner free of charge.

Operators have to consider special treshold amounts (information of the subscriber in case of exceedance, blocking access).


III. Tariff announcements:

Tariff announcements are implemented by the carriers (as before).


IV. Register of numbers:

Service providers have to submit at least 7 days before commencing premium rate services to the president of the Office of Electronic Communications written and electronic information about:

  • its name (business name), address and registered office;
  • name, type and scope of the premium rate service;
  • used service number;
  • date of commencing the service.

The president of the Office of Eletronic Communications maintains a publicly open register of numbers used for providing premium rate services, containing the information mentioned above.

Telequest will forward the mentioned data to the Office of Electronic Comunications on behalf of their customers.


If further questions appear don´t hesitate to contact us.


With best regards,

Your Telequest Team


Although this information has been compiled with extraordinary diligence, telequest & Internet Solutions GmbH assumes no liability for their up-to-dateness, completeness and correctness.

The customer is in spite of handing out this information obligated to gather all necessary information about the legal and regulatory provisions and the Code of Conduct of the particular country himself.

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