A landline (geographically fixed network number) makes your company accessible from other countries as well. This is a number which can be dialled both from within the country and from foreign countries. A direct connection is made to your company, independently of the location from which the call originates.

These numbers can be provided in many countries and cities worldwide and routed to your company.


  • ideal marketing instrument for international customers
  • accessibility via a single number from within the country, and foreign countries
  • direct dialling to the company from within the country, and foreign countries
  • unification of advertising material

Find available countries for all our in numbers in the document caller rates

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The telequest-advantages

  • one instead of many different providers
  • expertise in the industry since 2001
  • specialised legal department
  • wide range of service numbers

  • high service-availability thanks to multi-supplier-policy
  • exclusive, global partner network
  • flexible performance – tailored to your needs

  • we listen and create tailored solutions
  • round-the-clock contactability
  • short reaction times
  • service on time

  • uniform billing for all countries
  • cost savings through reduced administrative expenses
  • simple, direct communication
  • time-efficient communication channels

IVR-systems and service numbers - a powerful combination

Together with service numbers automated IVR & Audiotex systems enhance your customer service experience and have cost saving effects - Find out how!
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