IVR & Audiotex

IVR & Audiotex solutions save costs with caller processing while at the same time help you improve the quality of your services. Your customers benefit from increased availability and faster provision of your services.

Interactive voice response (IVR) or Audiotex-Applications are IT-based systems which enable the automatization of caller processing, through the use of language-guided menus which direct customers to the desired information or service. Another option of automated call processing is the use of voice control (Audiotex). With this system customers navigate menus via language-recognition systems. These systems are especially effective in combination with traditional advertising mediums.

IVR- and Audiotex are highly versatile systems which be used in many applications – from simple function such as playing automated messages to fully-automated customer surveys.

Options for use:

  • playing welcome messages
  • routing to alternative target phone numbers
  • simultaneous routing of multiple alternative target phone numbers (multi-ring)
  • virtual mailbox (answering machine function)
  • Voice2Mail (mailbox-message forwarded as e-mail)
  • Fax2Mail (fax-message forwarded as e-mail)
  • whitelist function – registered number can reach the service
  • blacklist function – unwanted callers are blocked
  • statistics function
  • IVR-PreSelect (IVR-selection menu)


  • round-the-clock availability: 24/7
  • automated, standardized processing of calls
  • simple and fast maintenance via internet and telephone
  • preselection and forwarding of callers through automated messages and language-menus
  • improves customer-service quality and exonerates service-staff
  • effective distribution at peak times

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Mobile Solutions

The continuing rapid technological development in the mobile broadcasting market has long enabled the cellphone to assert itself as the interactive personal mass medium of our time. The mobile telephone is no longer purely a means of communication for the customer, but also serves to obtain information and entertainment. The end customers' increasing wish for 'mobile entertainment' is opening up a growing market which is not being fully utilised - for mobile marketing solutions. This marketing channel offers you the option of reaching many people in a very short time, spreading information and advertising your products.

Secure your competitive advantage over the competition with Mobile Solutions from telequest.

SMS voting

With SMS voting, voting takes place via the mobile telephone. The customer is asked questions via SMS. After answering the question, the response is evaluated and the results are determined.

Evaluation and data preparation is handled by telequest; the anonymity of the participants remains fully guaranteed.

With SMS-based voting, you can launch your survey or voting applications from anywhere and at any time without being dependent on an internet connection. telequest offers you the option of following the voting directly. The current status can be viewed and called up at any time. For instance, participants can follow the voting via a video screen during events.

SMS subscriptions

Information and services is sent to your customers? cellphones regularly via SMS. The customer responds with an SMS through an opt-in for the subscription service and then regularly receives the desired information and services. If the service is no longer required, the customer can cancel the subscription himself through an opt-out.

MassCalling & Call-IN

The MassCalling applications provide you with a first-class solution for the processing and control of large call volumes. Our technology and solutions in cooperation with the worldwide largest telecom companies allow us to offer you lucrative raffles and various Call-IN formats in the best quality.

Internet Solutions

Nowadays, the medium internet is a necessity as an integral component of marketing. For this reason, the economic success of your marketing campaign can decisively depend on the design and type of presentation of your web presence. Likewise, the proper management and security of company data is a must today.

telequest offers you individual and company-specific solutions in the fields of domain ordering, web design, web hosting, server housing etc.

Our qualified partner in this business is GZ Software.

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